SiVi - for graphic texture design


I wrote the open source tool SiVi originally to assist with the exploration and design of graphical textures constructed with Ken Perlin's Simplex Noise. SiVi displays 2D gradient textures using either Stefan Gustafsen's Simplex Noise implementation or the OpenSimplexNoise library.

Sound Design - AudioCue

AudioCue source code

Maven AudioCue library

Many of the sound elements employed make use of tech that was eventually incorporated into the Java audio playback tool AudioCue. The core synthesis algorithm used here employs my implementation of Frequency Modulation synthesis. Hexara also makes us of an early version of a music-event scheduling system that I wrote.

Sound Design - The Bell Field

The first version of this improvisational composition is from the early 1990's, recorded by multitracking a Yamaha DX7S synthesizer. It was revised and performed live as an electroacoustic work for prerecorded electronics and oboe in a concert with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra in 2008. The concept of using a drone and accompanying bells was borrowed for Hexara when the game was conceived, just a few years later.


Phil Freihofner can be reached via email at the following address:

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