Hexara -- Work in progress

The most recent test version: Hexara--should now load quickly, as it is under 400KB. However, it takes several seconds to procedurally generate all the audio and graphics. After starting the applet, click the "Home" button on the top left corner, and click a "Puzzle icon" to load a puzzle. The puzzles on the left are generally easier than the ones on the right, and the goal of the 'copper' series is to be a learn-by-doing tutorial.

Alternatively, you can download hexara.jar and run it by double-clicking, or by the command line: java -jar hexara.jar.

The sounds all originate via FM-synthesis executed procedurally, combined with various effects (flanging, chorusing) and stored as clip-like entities.

I am still designing puzzles and aspects of the GUI. I'm also looking at converting to active rendering (am now using Swing's default passive rendering).

Comments and suggestions very much welcome! I can be reached at the e-mail address:
First half: phil@
Second half: adonax.com
(Email was split in half to try and reduce spam!)